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Sisters we need your help! AN RAK request. December 12, 2007

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Hey SBS Sistas!

I need to call in a favor. If you read my last post, you know that my next-door neighbor Melanie died suddenly on Monday at age 44, leaving a very shocked and devastated family behind. (I also have more detailed info on a RAK request thread I posted in the Need a Lift Forum on SplitCoast….php?t=305831).

I took them dinner and a card last night and mentioned that I have a bunch of gals I “hang” with online who are cardmakers as well. I told them that if I said the word, he’d have dozens of cards in his mailbox. Jim thought that was just the coolest thing ever!

So could you help me out? He was totally fine with me posting their address, so you can send directly to him:

Jim Hardin & family
1791 E. Kay Lane
S. Weber, UT 84405

Thanks in advance for any and all cards sent–it will be so appreciated and needed!!!

Request made by: SBS1 Member Melissa (


5 Responses to “Sisters we need your help! AN RAK request.”

  1. Michelle Says:

    How terribly sad. I hope to have a day of creating (ice storm outside, beautiful, but not for driving!). I’d love to send a RAK. Awful to have such a young person die, and around the holidays, too. Thanks for doing this for them.

  2. Catherine Says:

    I would love to help. Can you share more info about the children (age and gender)? I’d like to include them. I’ll work on it over the weekend and have it in the mail on Monday. How sad, and it’s just the more devastating so close to Christmas.
    Catherine (PaperAddict)

  3. alana23 Says:

    Tracy, I told Melissa (RMS) that she could do the SBS 1 group stuff on this page, since I’m tied up with the SBS blog. Thanks for all you do!

  4. Queen Kat Says:

    I’m mailing a card today. Should be there tomorrow or the next. I’m only in s. Ogden. Thanks for sharing this info. I lost my grandpa on Christmas Eve in 2000, so I know what it’s like to go through a death this time of year. 😦

  5. flossie Says:

    will get one done and in the mail this weekend.

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