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ATTN: SBS Group Admins December 17, 2007

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Hi ladies-

Please leave a comment for this post or send me your email address via SCS (stampin-sunnychick). I need to get you added to this blog so you can post information that you would like to share concerning your group.

Don’t worry about posting a ton this time of year…I’m just attempting to get everyone set up so you can when your ready. I understand it’s crazy busy for all of us right now…

Ladies once you get signed up for this blog- please make sure when posting information concerning your group that you include which group you are an Admin for. Thanks!

 Blessings and have a safe and wonderful Christmas!


44 Responses to “ATTN: SBS Group Admins”

  1. Katie Skiff Says:

    Here I am…I thought about how to post here, but haven’t had time to check it.

    My email is

  2. Toni Says:

    Not sure if you got my info from the other post or not but if not, here ya go – I’m in grouop 6!

  3. Aimee Says:

    hey there I’m around…

  4. Bonnie Sharp Says:

    Hey there! I am in SBS2!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and just a note to tell you that this is a fabulous undertaking and congrats to all!

  5. Juliann Says:

    Hello there!
    I am pretty sure you have all my info! Let me know if you need something else
    We should take a little poll and get a clever name for the admins!
    Have a Wonderful holiday EVERYONE!!!
    Juliann {{SBS5}}}

  6. flossie Says:

    This is fantastic, thanks for doing this. I am in group 2.

    Will be checking back after the new years. Have a Wonderful Holiday

  7. Tina M Says:

    Admin for group 7 you have my info on SCS. Looking forward to this venture.. This is a great idea..

  8. kerri hunter Says:

    ooh ooh I am here too my email is

  9. kerri hunter Says:

    oops delete me I am not an admin.

  10. Laurie Says:

    I’m here! I’ll leave you my email on a pm on SCS!

  11. Maren Says:

    Just checking in…I will check back later!

  12. I’m here–totally new to the whole “sista” thing, but very excited to meet and make new sistas! I “think” I’m the admin. for group 8?

  13. Oops…forgot to leave my email addy; also, when and how can we post challenges, etc. for our groups?

    Anita Van Hal
    SBS8 Admin.

  14. Not sure if you got my message on scs so here is my email again
    group 4 admin

  15. hi, i am here as well my email is
    sharni x.

  16. Amy Says:

    I created a yahoo group of SBS1 and I would like to get the word out.

  17. Hi Tracy & Alana!

    My memory is a blur from all the holiday activity and I can’t remember what exactly Alana and I worked out as far as my helping out with the original group.

    Alana–did you just want me to handle certain aspects (RAK’s, etc) or did you want me to be the admin for group one?

    I’m willing to do whatever you need me to–supa excited to really get all the sistas more involved with each other!!

    My email is if you need it.

  18. Louise Says:

    If you need an admin for group 9 I’ll do it

  19. sbscafe Says:


    I will let you know if Suzann does not accept. I just found this message. Thanks for the offer…I truly appreciate your willingness to help!

  20. Hi Diane,

    I dropped my laptop and broke my screen, so had to get a new one last week-big bummer. Anyway, I was unable to retrieve any of my data, and therefore don’t know the username and login to post challenges, etc., here for my group. Can you please send info again, and also, the addy where I actually login to post? I’m confused about where I actually go to post.


    Anita Van Hal

  21. Laurel Says:

    Hi there, this sounds like a neat site. I would like to join in group 10 if it isn’t full yet.


  22. vicki Says:

    Hi there, I would love to join group 10 if there are still spaces. I set up my blog just last night so all this is new to me, learning lots along the way. Huge thanks xx vicki xx

  23. Sara Frawley Says:

    Hi, if no one has signed up to be ADMIN for SBS10, I think I could swing it… just let me know. 🙂
    Sara frawley

  24. Sara Frawley Says:

    My email address is… I’d like to post a challenge for my SBS10 group… how do I go about doing that?
    Sara Frawley

  25. Rachel Says:

    I can be the admin for SBS 12! Thanks!

  26. Rachel Says:

    So far I’m the only sis on SBS-12. I think we’re waiting for updates. Are you ok Alana? Hope so 😉

  27. Rachel Says:

    Hello! I would like to be the Admin for SBS-12. I thought I left a message before, but I dont see it. If I made a boo-boo, please let me know. Thanks!

  28. I’m the group administrator for SBS8, and have started a Yahoo Group for us at

    Also, I’ve not heard anything from anyone regarding my username, password,and the web site address where I can post messages here for my group.

    Any SBS8 sistas can email me for more info regarding our yahoo group–I’ve been trying to notify everyone!

    Anita Van Hal
    admin. SBS8

  29. Jeri Aaron Says:

    IF someone has not already volunteered, I will become the SBS-11 group administrator. Please let me know/sign me up/give me access to the SBS Cafe Weblog. Thank you

    Jeri Aaron

  30. Jennifer Says:

    I’d like to volunteer to be the admin for SBS 13. Please let me know what else I need to do to sign up!

  31. Dawn Says:

    Attention SBS 12 members only, a group messageboard has been setup at

    If you haven’t registered yet be sure to join us as we have current SWAPS and general SBS 12 communications.

    Thank you,
    Dawn (SBS 12 member)

  32. Debi Wind Says:

    I am thrilled to be part of SBS 13. Here is my email… I am so excited that I am being consider!

  33. Sara Frawley Says:

    I think I’m the group admin for sbs10, but need access…and was asked to leave a comment for Tracy. My email is
    Sara Frawley

  34. Tonya Says:

    Hi! I’m the new group admin for SBS14. It’s great to be here and can’t wait to explore a little…


  35. Denise Says:


    I just recently took over as group admin for the SBS3 group, Katie has stepped down. Not sure if I need to do anything else, please let me know. My email is Thanks, Denise

  36. Monica Says:

    I am interested in being a group admin for the SBS-15. This message is for Tracy. my email address is riverviewstamper at gmail dot com

  37. I need to talk with someone in admin in group 6…….I need to bow out of the group as commintments are just to heavy right now….can some answer me please?

    Jan Marie

  38. Sheila Says:

    Hello there : )

    I am the group admin for SBS 16.



  39. Vicki Says:

    Hello. I’ll step up for group #13 to be the admin.

  40. louise Says:

    Hi, I’ll do admin for #17 if no-one else has stepped up.

  41. Tabitha Says:


    I am interested in being the admin for group #18!



  42. steph Says:

    looks like no one has opposed me being group admin for group 18…. so it’s me 🙂

  43. Kylie Says:

    Hi there…I’d like to be set up as the Admin for SBS17 please. Thankyou

  44. steph Says:

    open to everyone please come join us in our weekly wednesday challenege 🙂

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