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SBS2 Siestas (SS Swap) January 6, 2008

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Hello everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I have announced on the SBS2 Yahoo Group but I wanted to also announce here what are plans are in case this idea will work for your group as well.

Here’s our plan:

SBS Secret Sister Swap

1. Email (optional)
2. Send 2 (or more) cards between 1.15.2008-2.15.2008
3. Send a reveal card by the end of February.
4. Share two cards you receive on your blog.

This is a Card Swap, small gifts are optional. I wanted to make the first Swap for our group as stress-free as possible.

Another thing one of our members did was create a Questionairre for us to share on our Yahoo Group. It has been fun getting to know each other in this manner.




One Response to “SBS2 Siestas (SS Swap)”

  1. Linda Shumaker Says:

    I have received two very nice gifts from my sectet sister BUT I have not received a name to send secret sister gifts to. My email has been messed up due to website problems. Could you please send me a secret sister name so I can also join in the fun of sending as well as receiving little surprices.

    Linda Shumaker

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