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SBS4 January 13, 2008

Filed under: SBS Cafe' Welcome — debsbs4 @ 3:47 pm

Welcome to the SBS Cafe!  Now we have a central place to chat and share ideas.

What would you like to see our little group do?

 Leave me a comment with any ideas or even if you are running your own challenge on your blogs, I can post a notice up here for you so that all your sisters know when you have a challenge running!

Deb SBS4


9 Responses to “SBS4”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hi Deb!!! I came across this by accident….didn’t know it existed!!! We should spread the word!! Actually – I was trying to find you email address! Can you email me at Thanks! I have a question for you!!!!
    Chris (SBS4 sista)
    Catt’s Scratching post

  2. Alison Says:

    I saw a few weeks ago a fellow blogger had posted pictures of her craft space and we did on Paper Wings forum. I’m currently editing photos to post of mine on my blog. I think it would be a fun idea for us SBS4er’s post pictures of our spaces? I’ll be posting tomorrow if my fellow bloggers want to join me. 🙂

  3. Great idea Alison, Chris and I are thinking of forming a yahoo group for our group, it will make it slightly easier for us all to communicate and we could possibly all post our photos onto it of our craft spaces, it would be fun to see them all onthere.

  4. ying pang Says:

    Hi Deb,
    Yahoogroup is great for us to communicate, am just thought about card swap too , what do you think ?

  5. Debsbs4 Says:

    I have created a yahoo group for SBS4, please email me so that I can send you an invite.

  6. KellyS Says:

    I personally think a yahoo group would be nice! I am really bad about visiting blogs! At least with a yahoo group, it’s all on one page.

    My craft “room” is a mess, but I am up for posting pics. I love seeing ideas others have for storage and such.

    I would love to have challenges too! Not sure what kinds though… we have a lot of scrapbookers, and I am always looking for SB insipration…

  7. KellyS Says:

    Ohhh! I love the idea from SBS2 about a secret sister swap… but of course I am low on cash at the moment… but in the future that would be neat!

  8. Marjorie Says:

    I just signed up for the Yahoo group 😀 I think color/sketch challenges might be fun. I know SCS does a few so maybe we could do the older ones/make new ones to mix it up 😀 I already host a weekly color challenge on the CTMH consultant boards. I could start posting the challenge itself on my blog instead of just my example. It’s using CTMH colors but we could do it like SCS does and you just use whatever shade you have that’s closest to the challenge shades. Maybe we could do rotating challenges where each week we rotate sisters to host a different kind of challenge like post scrap spaces, sketch, color, use flowers, etc. Thanks for starting us up Deb! 😀

  9. Debsbs4 Says:

    Some great ideas, we are already building up a good membership on our yahoo group, if you haven’t already joined please email me on if you are having problems or go to

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

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