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responding to a comment… June 23, 2008

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The point of this blog was to have a central local that all SBS Groups could meet and share. Just to share great ideas for each of the groups and to post what’s going on in your groups. What works…ideas…etc.

It was a good idea lost in the lack of time and help. If anyone would like to help moderate this blog and see what else could be done with it…please let me know. If we all decide it to be a lost cause. Then it can just do as it has…hang out! lol

Terribly sorry the plans for this blog didn’t quite pan out. Once a few of us started announcing that we were starting our own Yahoo (now turned Ning for SBS2) Groups…the Sisters scattered and there wasn’t much of a need for this blog for everyone to visit. KWIM?

Anywho…lack of time and a very neglected blog (here) is what we have at the moment.

Feel free to post ideas or suggestions. Thanks!


2 Responses to “responding to a comment…”

  1. steph Says:

    i’ll help moderate if u need a hand 🙂

    in the mean time come check out sbs18s challenge blog open to everyone to join in the fun 🙂

  2. GinaP Says:

    What is the ultimate goal of this cafe? If you have some ideas I can help contribute…. I run an MSN group and it’s been going since about 2003, so we gotta be doing something right! Let me know if I can help. I’m in SBS1 (the original! lol) and am willing to offer feeback and assistance…. let me know~

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