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An update on SBS group 10 April 24, 2008

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Just to let you all know about what’s going on with SBS10, we have started a private blog viewable and editable (is that a word?) by all members of our sisterhood group.  We have started posting two-week challenges within our group, taking turns hostessing the challenge.  Our challenges are created by one member and that member is responsible for coming up with all the “rules” associated with the challenge.  Then, we all create our take on the challenge and post them to our personal blogs.  We have all become very good friends and it’s nice to have someone to talk to… someone to call “friend” even though you may have never met.  We continue to view and comment on each others’ personal blogs and have set up a sidebar on our group blog with links to each member’s blog.  We also have a sidebar to include our addresses and birthdates for RAK usage.  Another sidebar was added to link up our challenges (just in case we can’t get to them in the original two-week period).  All in all, our group has worked out wonderfully and we are growing to become fast friends… fwith relationships that will likely last a lifetime.  Sarah from Craftaholics Anonymous set up our blog for us and really took a leap into making our group so successful, but I must admit, we support our sisterhood as a group… sharing responsibilities, ideas, and concerns. 


Hello girls… January 31, 2008

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It’s been a while since anyone posted here so I thought I would do a quick share of what’s going on in Group 2. Actually, we have many things going on at the moment. I thought something might click for someone else’s group.

 Our Secret Sister Swap has been such a blast. Everyone has really enjoyed participating.

 One of the girls started an Image Swap. They are doing them in small groups of 5 (correct me if I’m wrong sisters) so that it is easier to participate.

Our next big project is a Scrapbook Round Robin…not too sure of the name just yet but the idea is to make a page about yourself to swap with the group. We will make pages for everyone that participate’s and send them all to Ann Marie (our swap co & the gal behind this brilliant idea). Ann Marie has volunteered to put the pages together via a spiral bound book. Amazing. I can’t wait to see the results of this project. We will definitely share some pics.

 I hope that everyone else is enjoying their groups as much as we are. One thing we have to be more aware of is that we are a large group so for some swaps it is neccessary to consider splitting the group up a bit. So far, we are managing beautifully and we really do feel like a sisterhood!