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Attn: GROUP ADMINS April 15, 2008

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I just wanted to let you know that I have started a new job and I am seriously limited with my online time. So please be patient as I work on getting the Group Admins set up and organized. If more than one have asked to be a Group Admin for a group…please decide if you want to work together or if only one will be the Group Admin. From experience it is much easier to have a back-up or a helper. So PLEASE do consider having two and divide duties…it truly makes life easier and you will be able to enjoy your group more without soul pressure of keeping things going.

I also suggest having people in within your group organize events such as: Swaps, Challenges, RAK Groups, and other group activities. If everyone can get involved it works so much better (and definitely smoother).

If you have questions I gave my email address when I sent out invites. Feel free to email but PLEASE PLEASE title it SBS and whatever your question pertains to as I receive tons of mail and have limited online time since I began working outside of our home (closed the home daycare).

Thanks for all you do, have done, and will do…if you need ideas or help just post here or email me. Everyone here is willing to help. ENJOY YOUR GROUPS!

Organize getting-to-know you activities…those are the best. Let people use their talents IE: Swap Coordinators, Computer Techies, Organizational Skills…you will figure it out…I have faith.

PLEASE COME BACK AND SHARE WHAT has worked for your group it may help a new group leader make her group more successful. *MWAH* and many, many thanks!


ATTN: SBS Group Admins December 17, 2007

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Hi ladies-

Please leave a comment for this post or send me your email address via SCS (stampin-sunnychick). I need to get you added to this blog so you can post information that you would like to share concerning your group.

Don’t worry about posting a ton this time of year…I’m just attempting to get everyone set up so you can when your ready. I understand it’s crazy busy for all of us right now…

Ladies once you get signed up for this blog- please make sure when posting information concerning your group that you include which group you are an Admin for. Thanks!

 Blessings and have a safe and wonderful Christmas!